Sharon Jordan Sims, Owner & Pharmacist
I love that fact that they bill insurance for me and they directly charge my balance to my charge card so all I have to do is stop in a pick it up. Very convenient. I also like their great service and that they are locally owned. - Terry
Sharon is very receptive to my needs and many times, has gone out of her way to work with me and my physician over the phone or in person. She makes careful evaluations and offers support that I could not find anywhere else in the area. This has made a huge difference in my health and my ability to enjoy my life. Support like this is truly unique. - Carol G.
I love the personal service. No matter how busy they are Sharon is always friendly and helpful. I also love the convenience of it being right here in Gulf Breeze and that it is locally owned. - Roxanne
I love the great service and the convenience that Gulf Breeze Apothecary offers. I also love doing business with a family owned local business. The lozenges that I take have worked great for me and I appreciate them working to find a dosage form that met my personal needs - Corrie
Completely satisfied customer.... - Kathleen C.
I really like the flexiblity that compounded BHRT offers to meet my individual needs. Everyone that works there is so friendly and are always willing to work with me. I like it much more than the traditional pharmacy. - Lisa
...compounding has improved my quality of life. The compounded mixture for my nasal congestion has provided superior improvement compared to anything else I've tried. - Lawrence
I am so thrilled at Gulf Breeze Apothecary's ability to make our injectable medication into a palatable gummy bear for my 6-year-old daughter - saving her from weekly injections. The staff is also very accommodating when it comes to changing flavors to fit my daughter's tastes. Thanks so much for the wonderful service! - Cory
When my daughter was ill with a virus, their wonderful staff made a cream to rub on her wrist. It worked right away! I remembered to take it on vacation with me a few months later, and she got sick again on the trip. It saved my vacation! I won't travel without it ever again! Thank you Gulf Breeze Apothecary. - Brandy, MD.